I have a tendency to stumble across things.  Sometimes they’re bouncing through my head.  Other times they’re out in the world at large both online and off.  As my second language is movies, any conversation with me will feature references to at least a half dozen films, and Jennifer Tilly has always been one of my pocket fave actresses.  But I dug her most in The Getaway and The Wachowski Brothers Bound.   Tilly has backed away from acting for the most decade or so to focus on playing professional poker. But now she’s thinking about getting out.  She wrote this dope piece for Bluff Magazine that I stumbled across.  And it struck me particularly because I’m thinking about quitting my day job.

As money from writing is absolutely unreliable in a world where the status and tweet reign supreme, I had to find other ways to make dough.  But this particular job forces me to live a nocturnal life that I used to indulge in for kicks.  It’s like I’m going to bed when I should be getting up for yoga. Plus it puts me in contact with all kinds of unpleasant entities, and more importantly, unpleasant truths.  But as I’ve never been a quitter (at least not really) this is a serious conundrum for me, one which I can’t solve in a single blog post.   Nor will I be able to resolve it anytime soon. So I’ll keep deliberating day by day until I come to some conclusion, hoping to find clarity in this Groundhog Day of repetition that somehow manages to pay my bills.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.