First of all for a 2.5 hour movie I thought I was only there for 90 minutes.  Was it an extremely violent 90 minutes? Yup.  Did I feel like I was on the inside of an American tank during the last days of World War II and under skies that were never blue? Yup.  I don’t know what people were looking for from Fury.  Many don’t seem satisfied.  But to me it’s all about the rules of the game of war and what it does to your head.  Writer/Director David Ayer leaves the LA streets where he made crime classics like Training Day and End of Watch for a Germany I would never want to visit but my ancestors.  When you’re fighting a war you can’t be who you were at home.  In fact you’ll never be that person again.  For the right fight I’ll lay my life down to hold a crossroads.  A true soldier can never walk away.