Shot of the Day: Oscars and The Grouch

(DJ Jahsonic does his thing at Tropicalia on Washington, DC’s U Street in Spring of ’13.)

Standing on the top floor of New Town Kitchen and Bar for Parallel Film Collective’s Pre-Oscar throwdown, I watched Steve McQueen, John Ridley and Lupita Nyong’o put some points on the board in the Hollywood War of the Hoses. Chopping it up with my man Hans on Black flicks past and present and our plans for world domination, I watched the onscreen speeches and absorbed the images like any good Black Boy should. I cheered for my winners, especially John Ridley (though I learned late in the night that he crossed the picked like during the 2004 WGA Writer’s Strike, potentially helping to negate a hard stand that almost destroyed the guild), Alfonso Cuaron and Steve McQueen. But not strangely, what stood out most about the evening were the sounds.

DJ Jahsonic plays music that he loves, as any real DJ should. I’ve seen this dude spin every genre at every spot in the city. And I’ve seen him spin at home, craftily choosing tracks to flow underneath my words for an upcoming collabo. Jahsonic gets a hold of everything that’s out there from Beyonce’ to Gwen Bunn. But what he plays is a completely different matter especially when he’s playing for him, without a floor full of thirsty dancers, without a theme or an official spotlight, he always travels through territory that I know, through songs I wish I could put together with tech and fader, but never learned how.

I’ve spent more time than I’ve liked in my cave these past few years. But the Divine has had it that whenever I have poked my head out, Jahsonic has been there. As the night rolled to a slow close, with ice and rain pattering against the tinted glass surrounding the joint’s top floor, his head bobbing back and forth like he’d made the music himself, I realized that my love and I, Words, were a long way from being happy together. I wasn’t sure if it was her, me, or the monsoon-like climate currently soaking the world in itself, but somehow we have to get that old thing back. Because without of it, neither of us can live.

Jahsonic: I’m gonna need a prescription soon, in mixtape form. Let me know where I can get it filled 😉