The Long Way Back (Practice Makes Perfect)

Starting in high school and running into my late 20s I ALWAYS had a camera on me. Pre-digital era it was a Pentax K-100, followed by a used Nikon that conked out on me due to a factor glitch. After that I had a few point and shoots w video function that I used for out and about shots and blog posts. But like most people I’ve spent the last few years shooting with my phone. But as I’m heading back into the filmmaking biz with my eye set on some indie projects I needed to start shooting again. And I needed to be BETTER at it than I had in youth. I needed to be as proficient in the science of photography as I was in the art of composition. Thanks to my benefactor Juan Gaddis and a crowdfunding campaign, I got myself a Canon 5D Mark III body and had the pleasure of having a 20mm lens donated to me by the homie Walasia Shabazz. A 20 is super wide and as I’m more of a close-up guy, a zoom and portrait lenses are next on the shopping list.

This was the money shot of the day, which came with the added bonus of picking up two new subjects from the around the way who are looking to build their modeling portfolios. E