Music Video of the Day: JD/Jay-Z “Money Ain’t a Thing”

Now that Jigga’s better at making deals and hiding behind wife than he is rocking the mic, it’s hard to imagine him making foolish big-dollar cash bets with Jermaine Dupri over horse-racing and dragging the PCH with Kenya Moore and ex-playmate Traci Bingham.  But this was the “jiggy” era after all and S. Carter had yet to learn that mustard-colored suits just weren’t the move.  J.D. had yet to pull Janet Jackson and was thus still a prize pupil at the Cornball Academy.  But no one can ever deny his production work.  He was the heir apparent to Teddy Riley’s throne and set the stage for super-producers that followed like Timbaland, The Neptunes and Kanye West(before he became a rest haven).