Growing up in DC, Mexican food wasn’t found in every corner. In fact I only remember two Taco Bell’s in the entire city. So when I first saw my stepmother prepare tortillas it was a mythical experience. A little dab of oil, a low flame and waiting for that moment when bubbles rise in side the soft raw shell.

My ex made hers with canned tomatoes and this savory sauce. She’d work so quickly and dress each taco w the elegance that an unskilled male cool like myself lacks (when not on paid gigs). Thinking of her I though of making my jerk lamb tacos but the town was dry. So I went with chopped flank steak. Garnished them w spinach and shredded basil and they went over like gangbusters.

So I wake up this morning and see the bag of corn tortillas on the kitchen table. Chopped up some turkey sausage, then chopped half a tomato, Two garlic cloves and half an onion. Put it all in one pan and cooked the tortillas in a separate( my stepmom ‘ sway) and I was ready to go. Too bad there’s no cilantro in the house. But the honey bar cue sauce I mixed in did wonders.

There’s a lot of tortillas left in this bag. Maybe I’ll make a week of it 😉