You pick on the Turkey Day bird until it’s all done. And then you make soup, an honored leftover tradition here in these States. My Grandaddy Jasper used to put his in a pitcher and as a boy I once poured myself a glass thinking it was iced tea because the broth was so rich and brown.

Now, close to 30 years later, I have my own formula. Put the carcass in water in a crock pot. Add fresh garlic cloves, curry, lemon slices, cilantro, black pepper and some secret ingredients and you have an excellent little concoction. Add carrots, pigeon peas and some other goodies after the initial brew (shown above) and you have something really special. Finally add rice, diced potatoes or ramen to get your carb on.

When I sampled it in the sun lighting hours I was proud of my work. Now let’s see how long it’ll last 😉