So I’ve got my script all mapped out. I know all my major characters and the storyline. Im adapting my own short stories so those are easy. I know the pacing. I know how I want it to finish. As a screenwriter this is the only time I’m in full control. After this they could put Kevin Hart as the dramatic lead and blow the whole thing to hell. But right when I’m about to start really writing, something happens: a series of conversations with women.

Talking to the homie Kimmie I started to process the idea of understanding viewing audience. As convoluted as Scandal tends to be it’s proven that Black women will support a Black female lead they believe in. As a dude who loves dude movies but appreciates chick flicks and women’s stories I’ve always wanted to create a character that was a sexy intelligent badass. Then I did, but I wanted to do it one way. It turned out great as a book in the beginning but I kind of lost my way. It still had some work to do with it. Now I’m feeling like that work is needed, even if it means I have to put my initial project plans on hold. Maybe that’s God speaking to me. Or maybe I’m tired of ice-skating uphill. Not even sure what form it will take at this point.

Either way I have two guys and a woman to thank for this. The men are Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale for their graphic novel: Catwoman: When in Rome. It’s a dope piece of work and reminds me of the kind of women I like to write. The woman is well-known tattoo artist and Black-Japanese-Lolita-girl Imani K. Brown, who loaned it to me. Thanks “Moe”.