the-counselor-poster-2I’m revving up to see Ridley Scott’s The Counselor this weekend.  The first original script from Cormac McCarthy, whose probably still rolling in the dough from his No Country for Old Men and The Road option money, The Counselor appears to be a small movie made four-dimensional by Scott, a dude who (along with his late brother Tony) almost always does my kind of filmmaking [I’m still trying to forgive Prometheus].

The idea of this Scott/McCarthy collabo was an inspiration as the story I’m telling is kind of like a hood movie from the desk of James Baldwin.  I want this to be real, and honest, but at the same time to show my city (setting the adaptation in the homelands) in a way it hasn’t been seen itself before.   And in the end it’s all about love.  Like my homegirl @curvyinthecity said in describing my work, “There’s always love”.

As a creator some projects just stay with you.  It was nine years ago that I published my short story, “Thursday” as a part of Brooklyn Noir, the crime anthology that spawned a series of like 20 installments and became a buzz word that led to a continuing relationship with Akashic Books and a guest radio host gig on WNYC.

If you want to know what the story’s actually about, well, you can either read it (, or wait for the movie(I’m claiming that there will be one). Can’t have nobody in cyber-space getting inspiration without paying for it 😉

So cheers to me as I try to make this project into my ‘me’ time for the rest of the season, something to whittle way at during the late nights and early mornings when my world is quiet and I can become the story I’m telling.  Still in the early treatment stages, but this feels good, like…REALLY GOOD.  Stay tuned.