It’s 2005 (or ’06) and I’m riding shottie in my man comedian/radio producer Ralph Cooper’s ride. A true underground music head, he and my man Richard Louissaint both put me up on Detroit’s Platinum Pied Pipers, a collabo between Waajeed and Sadeeq, two big names in underground soul and house circles around the exact same time (though it was Rich who laced me with the record).
I was generally a top Hip Hop/alternative/Top 40 guy at the time. If it didn’t have a video it wasn’t on my radar. But then Ralph told me how fine Tiombe was, and when I saw her (I would ironically go on to do some work for her mother) I was sold. This cut, “I Got You” is speaking to me right now. It reminds me of someone dear who just found the love of her life after a loooong wait. This one’s for you, Shan! Love you baby 😉