So after a weekend of country cooking in celebration of my uncle Porter’s 94th Bday, The Madre has put in a request for a “Slim Down” salad week (milking my time here) starting with a grilled shrimp salad.
She wants Romaine but its my personal thing that any salad with shrimp should also have spinach. They just go together to me. So I chop the Romaine, feathering the spinach in throughout.
Chopped some red peppers, added some cherry tomatoes basil leaves and fried wonton. Then I mixed fresh lemon juice with balsamic and sesame oil and salt.
I dumped a pound of blackened shrimp sprinkled with brown sugar, minced garlic and blackening seasoning on top and served in a big massive wood salad bowl.
The Madre had three bowls to my two. It was a good night 😉