Sitting on the edge of a triangle, surrounded by devils, I am reminded of a woman who spins, whisk and copper bracelets cleaning/clearing as the flashing lights turn from red to blue, then back again. The tips of her fingers bless my face, without touch, a tsunami of centripetal force tearing down the walls for the construction teams that follow…for new beginnings.

I remember seeing her once, calm and stable, her legs waxed shiny with shea butter, the heels of her Aldo boots gleaming maroon and amber. It was cold outside. Erykah was screaming about eyes colored green following the changing of partners in the game of hearts that never ends…until you go through the gates.

She was sipping on Cabernet from a thin stemmed glass, her lithe arms and fingers like branches toned by relentless movement. Her nose was dusted with freckles. The letters after the name on her business card read M.D. I asked her what her specialty was. She said “change”, then stuck me with the bill while she hit the dance floor. I tried to catch her, but by the time I got to where she’d been standing, the change was already out the door.