They say we all have twin out there. I know I do. I was mistaken for this kid on two different occasions in PG County. The first time I got approached by some dudes who my doppleganger had offended. When I told them the name of my nerdy academic high school they instantly dismissed it as a case of mistaken identity.

A few years later, in Atlanta, I met a girl who had run into him the very same day. He apparently drove a Red Grand Cherokee. I drove an ’88 CRX.

And then one night, when the Roots were headlining at The Masquerade in ’95, I saw him in the crowd from the press box. He had about four inches and twenty pounds on me. His locks were longer and thicker, but I could see the resemblance.

I thought I saw him one more time in a Dave Hollister video. Then I never saw him again. I don’t think I need to watch my back. But it might not hurt to keep on keeping perfect records.