I wonder if Jesus would’ve done the same deeds

had he known his final (end of 2nd act) deal

on Earth

It probably made more sense for Pops Up Top

to keep the orders

on a need-to-know basis

until it was time.

I stepped out 

to check the weather

and fell down a wormhole

that flushed me

to the bottom of the ocean

30 plus years ago

when my body and soul met 

in water

on a Pier One couch

with Nixon in the air.

When I came up

out of the wishing 


for breath

everyone I remembered

had a mortgage

with their souls put as collateral

for lives they were merely


As I counted the

loose threads

in my pocket

I wondered what kept

our (them and me) eyes

on opposite sides

of the same looking glass.

The answer

came in the form 

of a Final Jeopardy question

not on one of Al’s cards

Would Jesus have done it

if he knew he had to do it?

Or did he know it all along?