Every once in awhile you make something that doesn’t go over well. Or at least I do. In this case I sort of doubled up and made two things that tanked. As a note to self I should not cook when I’m preoccupied with other things. It’s almost like the dish becomes a reflection of me. With the coconut mango rice the flavor was rushed, on par with say…cafeteria food. With the marinated baked chicken it was underdone, and somewhat colorless. What made it worse was that I had made these things for a specific celebration. The good thing is that bad food just doesn’t get eaten. And in typical fashion for me I dumped it around the corner in the confusion of cleanup to save the face of having to take it all home.

But as I was sulking on the inside and all but denying the food was mine on the outside, an elder came over and reminded me of just two weeks before, when the smell of my food had garnered the attention of next door neighbors. He didn’t even know that I’d made a faux pas. I would return. I will cook again. In loosely discussing it with a more experience cooks she told me that you have to tackle your weaknesses. Mine is mastering the art of the over and the difficulties of mass production. I also had to deal with the fact that I couldn’t broil, which is always my preference.

The think to do when you create something that sucks is to never make those mistakes again, to plot things out and not try and do it on the fly. Spontaneity works for two but not for 20. Lesson learned. Now I won’t repeat it. Out.