As far as I’m concerned there’s no better bread for sandwiches than French bread. Perhaps this comes from spending many a lazy weekend with selected ex-significant others, adorning said starch with a variety of cheeses, oils and other delicious items. It’s great for French toast. It’s even lovely by itself. But I’d never used it for a sandwich.

“There’s not much for you to eat,” my mother explained as I was in DC for a reading and client consultation over the weekend.

Getting this kind of a statement from my Mom is rather deceptive, as “not much” is relative to what’s quick and what requires the least amount of sweat. Most of y’all out there probably feel the same way. But as cooking is a meditation for me (and occasionally an art), I sometimes like to see what I can make out of nothing.

A freezer rat by nature, my Mama has enough of a variety of meats to sustain a full army for a good month. There’s frozen chicken wings, chicken breasts, some turkey and a pack of frozen halibut fillets. As you know I’m not the frozen fan, I was skeptical. But they happened to be from a company I’d purchased from before with good results.

I never like working in kitchens other than my own. Even though I organized my Mom’s cabinets last Christmas, the setup is awkward for me. Spices are in the cabinet furthest away from the stove. Utensils are in a variety of drawers, etc. I should have thawed the fillet I opened up. But opted instead to pan fry the outsides in a little butter, lemon pepper and some cajun seasoning. Then I put it in the over on broil so that it would cook through to the center. After sauteeing the fish for flavor I put it in to broil. Now it was time for the bread.

There was a load of whole wheat and a half loaf of the French. No decision to make there. I cut a section, trimmed some of the middle out and sprinkled it with cheddar cheese. The broiled file come out just a little blackened, as I like it. I slapped that boy in the bread, cut it down the middle and took it upstairs for a nice hearty meal. It was only after the last morsel that my Mama confessed that she hadn’t eaten all day. I felt real bad about leaving her out ;( Out.