I had long been a slave to the idea that collard greens had to be made the Grandma way. That is cooked until they were almost slimy with the aid of plenty of salt and some kind of meat thrown in for flavor. That was the only way I’d seen them made, whether fresh or frozen. So in terms of cooking them I had little interest. Then I started dating a vegetarian, or a pescatarian to be more specific. As so many of my culinary experiences have come out of my relationships, it’s only fitting that the same would be here.

The first thing about vegetables, particularly green vegetables, is that they start to lose their nutrients if you cook them longer than ten minutes. So those green of old cooked sometimes for hours were about as useful to the body as bullets soaked in waters overnight. But if you’re used to the usual way the new consistency of the sauteed collard green may be a bit of an adjustment

Preparation is so simple I need not even list the ingredients. Greens are dirt cheap up here in the Rotten Apple. You can get a bunch that can feed five for under a buck at most supermarkets. The thing is that you need to wash them really well, preferable with a good veggie following by a soaking in cold water. After that I cute then width-wise into this strips and then chop those strips in half.

Next I peel two cloves of garlic a good size chunk of ginger and then dice both. Add a few tablespoon of olive oil to a skillet and put it on a medium heat. Add the garlic and ginger to the oil when it starts to bubble followed by the greens themselves, which you should flip in the pan with a spatula until they’ve got a bit of oil all around. If you’re really adventurous you could add some curry or maybe even a bit of white wine to cut the slight bite in the flavor. Cook for about eight minutes, turning regularly. And then you’re done.