More and more folks are giving up meat and not looking back. And to be truthful, I don’t blame them. With the common knowledge of what goes into today’s cattle and foul, I should be running for the hills myself. I’ve done it before after all, often for lengthy period of time. But Jasper culture is good for getting the best of me.

I haven’t touched pork (with maybe a handful of exceptions in over a decade)since my freshman year of college. Red meat went for a good little while, but one particular love affair had me back on steak for awhile. And as for fish…well…God bless the zealot who tries to rob me of a proper piece of swordfish or some really nice prawns or Tiger jumbo shrimp. That just isn’t negotiable. But yet and still as a progressive, artistic sometimes boho dude I have a growing number of non-meat folks who I have to know how to cook for. And in the traditional of American cooking, breakfast will be the first order of the day.

As my first exposures to vegetarians came via my dating life, the first meal after a night with a partner needed to be something that we both could do. And in the summers, when my cribs have always been like ovens, fruit was a nice cooling thing that was easy to get and even less complicated to prepare.


Cantaloupe – A nice sweet summer fruit, you can split one of these big balls in half and have more than enough for two (or even three people)

Apples and Pears – Two of each sliced on a platter gives you a combination of sweet flavors

Pineapple – When cut fresh, you can cut heavy and filling slivers that go great with potatoes, cereal or other heavy starches

For carbs you can scroll down and check out my archived recipe called “Breakfast in Ten”

Grits are also lovely, particularly yellow polentas cooked with butter and a little honey. They go great with fish, veggie bacon or sauce, but can stand just as well on their own.

Frying some plantains with a little organic butter, olive oil and cinammon can be equally filling.

And there’s always toast, which I spread with butter and honey fresh out of the toaster, giving its dry consistency a littel sweetness to help it go down.

And while orange juice is the American way, I prefer and orange and cranberry blend that can be made with one part of each and the squeezing of a single lime.

Pick your favorite of these elements and you can put together a quick meal that will make any herbivore happy 😉 Out.