So as my main man Chris and his girl Victoria came up on some lobster tails and shrimp, they decided to have a little feast at their crib. The two of them and Rich were going to do the cooking and I was invited.

Now the average guy would grab a bottle of wine or maybe even some liquor. If he’s an angel he’d think of a dessert. But of course I decided to do an appetizer.

As seafood, particularly lobster, goes fast, I figured as there were five us (including Rich’s girl and my boy Byron) might want to make something to fill our bellies a bit before the main course. And with so much seafood coming out later, I figured a different kind of protein might be in order. As sesame oil was a staple in my father’s cooking, I had a pit of an idea: Sesame Chicken on Skewers


3 llbs of boneless chicken breast (to serve five)
Sesame oil
Maple Syrup
Bread crumbs
Black Pepper
Wooden Skewers


1) Mix one cup of sesame oil with one cups of maple syrup. Stir quickly with a whisked and pour into a large bowl.

2) Slice the chicken into small chunks and bathe the chunks in the oil and syrup mixture.

3) In a plastic bag mixx the bread crumbs and seasonings and add the chicken pieces at a quarter of a pound at a time. Shake the bag until the chick is covered in the bread crumbs and seasonings.

4) Please several chunks of chicken on each skewer and place the skewers in a flat pan and bake at 400 degrees for 30 to 40 minutes.

The whole batch was gone within ten minutes. The recipe is all that remains.