Green Beans
Fresh Garlic
Olive Oil
Seasoned Salt
Ginger Flavored Soy Sauce

It’s occurred to me that all the dishes I’ve listed have featured kale as a side item.
So I needed to drop a quick post with another vegetable that is tried and true in my book (others will follow).

My history with green beans goes back to sitting in the living room with my Grandma Sally and snapping the ends off of green beans before putting them in water to soak before dinner. I remembered that part of the prcoess far more than the bacon and other seasonings used when they were added to pots of water for a long cook.

My memories of string beans came more from Asian buffets and Chinese restaurants, where they were always crisp, flavorful and accented with a good amount of mushroom and soy sauce.

Once the beans are snapped I soaked them in water for about five minutes and then rinse them thoroughly.

I slide several mushrooms into thick slivers. You can also dice some onions if you like.

I add olive oil to a skillet and put it under a medium heat. Once the oil starts to bubble I add the garlic and allow it to fry. Then I add the beans and mushroom and allow them to cook, flipped everything every thirty second or so for seven to ten minutes (Remember that most nutrients cook out of green vegetables after 11 minutes).

Kill the heat. Sprinkle a little seasoned salt over them. Toss a few times, let them cool and you’re all good. Out. Next up: Collard Greens and Spinach.