I know that many of my first posts here have featured dishes with seafood. And some of ya’ll are either allergic to it or just don’t like it. Just so you know I know how to cook plenty of other meats, particularly when the chips are down.

As this week is a pay week I found myself down to scraps and having a houseguest down to scraps staying with me. There were seven dollars in my pocket and the two of us needed to eat.

So I trolled through the local supermarket and picked up a few items. A pack of nine chicken legs was only four bucks. A small bottle of olive oil was only two. I handed over my loot to the cashier, came home and got to work.

Once I rinsed the legs off I put them in a bowl and rubbed them with olive oil, Jamaican curry powder, black pepper, paprika and a little Old Bay seasoning. Then I put them in a pan at 375 and let them cook for 30 to 40 minutes.

While the legs baked, I boiled two cups of parboiled rice with saffron leaves and 2 tbsp of butter added to the water.

I also put a small pot of canned pink beans on the stove with a little minced garlic and seasoned salt added for extra flavor.

I took out the last of my kale, pulled it from the stem, rinsed it in cold water and put it in a skillet with a little olive oil and sea salt. Then I covered it and put it on a low heat and cooked for about eight minutes. Note: Cooking vegetables longer than ten minute drains them of their nutrients.

Kale finished first. I uncovered it and removed the top to let the excess heat escape.

I added the beans and their sauce to the rice and stirred them. Then I stuck some forks in the chicken legs and took them out when they were done.

“This is some serious gourmet shit,” my homeboy said with surprise as he ate like a man fresh off hunger strike.

Who says you can’t eat well for cheap?