As I don’t like eggs, breakfast has tended to be a struggle to combine protein and starch in a single meal with the shortest prep time possible.

My solution: Breakfast Potatoes and Turkey Bacon

1) I take two potatoes, rinse them and slice them width-wise and then once again across the middle.

2) I dice a quarter of an onion and three cloves of garlic.

3) I coat the bottom a a skillet with a small amount of olive oil and put a low heat under it, adding the garlic after about a minute. When the smell of garlic hits the air I add all the other ingredients plus seasoned salt, black pepper and oregano.

4) I flip the potato pieces several times to make sure they get the proper seasoning and them add one cup of water to the skillet and then cover it. I let them cook for eight to ten minutes, flipping once or twice in between and seasoning once more.

5) Kill the heat, remove the cover and that’s that.

6) With four minutes left on the potatoes I put the bacon into a separate skillet on low heat. I don’t use oil as the meat itself has enough of it to keep the bacon from sticking. Then I flip each strip until it’s done to my liking.
(I’m also known for adding chunks of Italian-style turkey sausage to the potatoes instead of bacon)

7) Put yourself a glass of juice and you’re ready to roll. It doesn’t have to be pretty but it’s always tasty and filling 😉