Choice fruit from my shoot with Lysette #goodpeople

Choice fruit from my shoot with Lysette #goodpeople

Lysette – Singer. Songwriter. Good People.

Dallas Austin, Nicki Minaj, Raheem DeVaughn, Kelis or any member of DC’s Backyard Band can testify to the glory of Lysette‘s work both in front of the mic and behind the boards.   I’ve known her since the days when she used to sing early songs to me over the phone between handicapping which R&B […]

Vanya – Writer. Fighter. Good People.

Two friends sit in a park venting.   It’s one of the few blocks that stayed the same in this gentrified world.  It’s the best of friends that can just sit with you and process the complexities of life and family in what just might be the “end’ times (that give birth to new beginnings). […]

Okema – Hairstylist. Makeup Artist. Songstress. Virgo. Good People.

As I take the slow walk that is building a portfolio I caught up with Okema Diaz of Okema Diaz Beauty during a break from her on-tour work with a certain good girl-turned-twerker megastar.   Here are a few shots during a day off in her hotel suite.

For all you non-SCANDAL watchers, I’ll be reading and discussing The Morning After tonight from 10-11 on Artsspoken. Check me out!

I’ll be reading and discussion The Morning After tonight from 10-11 on Artsspoken. Check me out!

20140310-030017.jpg March 10

The Ballad of Rust Cohle

The Ballad of Rust Cohle One night, in 2002, I was on assignment in Norfolk, standing between five men who’d made hip-hop hits that I considered timeless. One of them, muscled, gangsta, a thug sex symbol, stood to my left. One of my beat-making heroes was in the VIP booth behind me. A swirl struck […]

Shot of the Day: The Auditorium

(Shot with a Nikon N70 on Ilford 400 Film) The first record I bought with my own money was Michael Jackson’s Thriller. I played it on a used portable Super Friends turntable my Madre bought me from Goodwill (and later replaced with my own brand new model) about a year later. My Pops was a […]


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